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July 2019: How to Avoid Sun Damage
August 2019: ABCDEs of Melanoma and Reflectance Confocal Microscopy
August 2019: Ultraviolet and Melanoma
October 2019: Face Paint Allergy
December 2019: Skin Care and Aging
March 2021: Cosmetics and Lasers
June 2021: Protect from Skin Cancer
August 2021: Latest in Lasers
Oct 2021: Cosmetic Botox for Wrinkles
May 2022: Skin Cancer Awareness Month
July 2022: What to Know About Poison Ivy
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How to 'Skin Cycle' in Four Easy Steps

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Does CoolSculpting Really Work To Freeze Off Fat, And Is It Safe?

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Skin Cancer, When Found and Treated Early is Highly Curable.

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Some Doctor’s Offices Are Charging a Fee for the PPE They Wear. Who’s Picking Up That Tab?

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Protecting Your Skin During the Winter.

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More Than Skin Deep

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Q&A: Understanding Sanctions in Dermatology

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Healthier Skin with Technology and Expertise.

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Dermatology Has a Problem With Skin Color.

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Sun Protection = Skin Care Prevention.

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Lasers expunge mucosal tattoos.

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Skin Care and Aging.

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What You Don’t Know About Halloween Costume Choices Can Be Scary.

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The ABCDE’s of detecting melanoma, and a no-scalpel technique.

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Dermatologists Accept Millions from Pharmaceutical Companies.

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Most U.S. dermatologists receive industry money.

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From faltering English to leadership of a medical student group.

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Tracking cataract formation after vitreoretinal surgery.


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